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+ My new ebook 11 Dealership Scams America is Falling For and How to Avoid Them! ($97 value)


11 Dealership Scams America Is Falling For and How To Avoid Them ($97 value)


You never want a dealer to know more than you again
You hate the traditional car buying process
You want to make the best car deals for the rest of your life without the time and hassle

What IF You Shopped For Cars
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Deshone The Auto Advisor

Before I was Deshone the Auto Advisor, I was a six-figure car salesman. I started at the age of 22. With over 14 years experience in the auto industry with General Motors, Mercedes-Benz and running my own new car leasing company, I can confidently say I have the car buying process down to a science. During my career, I’ve had to help countless customers who had overpaid previously or made extremely costly, but easily avoidable mistakes. Mistakes I would have to help them clean up.

I believe anyone with the right plan and knowledge can get the best offer on any car from home with absolutely no anxiety! Car buying should be a fun, fair and easy experience, similar to home buying. My mission is to create a world of smarter shoppers, buyers and owners.

In my 14 year career, I’ve analyzed the cause of every bad situation a customer ends up in. They may not even be aware they could have avoided it if they simply had done things differently earlier. I have run thousands of car deals. Because I have seen 99% of what could happen in a car deal and know the people to call for the other 1%, I’m confident through every step of the transaction. That's the confidence I want everyone to have.
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